English academy for children

We aim for our primary students to have acquired a solid grammatical base and general understanding of the English language before they begin secondary school.  At this age, we find there is a significant difference between children who have studied English in a language academy from a young age and those who have not.  The English taught in secondary schools becomes far more grammar-oriented than in primary, and it is important that our students are well prepared.

Our primary school students usually come to English classes once a week, studying for an hour and a half with native, qualified and experienced teachers.

Methodology of the classes

The school has an English only policy in class, in order that students become accustomed to hearing and speaking the language with native speakers. We encourage the children to speak both with the teacher and among themselves only in English. This contact time in small groups is invaluable to the students, as it not only helps to build confidence and fluency, but it is often their only opportunity to converse with native speakers.

Personalised English classes

The level of instruction at our academy is high. Students use course books that correspond to at least one academic year higher than what they are doing at school. The system works due to our policy of a maximum of 5 students per group, and therefore the classes are extremely personalised – with all students receiving individual attention from the teacher. Our course books follow a progressive curriculum which develops all language skills: grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking – with the emphasis always on the communicative aspect of the language.

Our aim is for students to complete their education with a level of English that will provide them with many opportunities for the future.

All students are given weekly homework, and both homework and attendance are closely monitored by the centre. At the end of each term, parents receive a report which details the student’s progress and gives recommendations for improvement.

Secondary Education (ESO) / Official English Exams

Since many of our secondary school students have been with us from a young age, they should now have sufficient knowledge of English to start preparing for official exams. We prepare students for the Cambridge suite of ESOL examinations (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), as well as other qualifications if requested (TOEFL/IELTS etc). We aim for students to have achieved a minimum level of B2 (FCE) of the European Framework of Reference for Languages, before they start university.

We have an excellent pass rate for these examinations each year.